The flexible approach to your training needs

This Apprenticeship is for those entering the industry as a steward.

It allows the apprentice to gain knowledge and experience, along with the skills required for their immediate job and future career. These are acquired through a mix of learning in your workplace, formal off the job training and the opportunity to practice and embed new skills in a real work context.

On completion of the Apprenticeship the apprentice will be able to undertake the full range of duties, in a range of circumstances appropriate to the job, confidently and competently to the industry standard.

STA attempt to be among the most competitive training providers in terms of price but we do not shave the quality. We are happy to negotiate with employers to ensure that confidence in the final result is maintained and assured.

STA will conduct an initial assessment of your apprentice and tailor the training to meet your needs as the employer. The training we offer complies with the Green Guide and the rigour demanded by the Awarding Organisation.

We are flexible and aware of the specific industry requirements peculiar to the spectator industry.