The flexible approach to your training needs

The Customer Service Intermediate Apprenticeship responds to the employer need for high levels of customer service skills within a wide range of organisations. The apprenticeships are primarily aimed at individuals whose job role is dedicated to customer service as an occupation and our training will prepare apprentices for diverse work roles.

English and mathematics are included in the customer service apprenticeship options offered for Functional Skills. For an intermediate apprentice these skills could involve communicating with customers, building relationships with customers and resolving problems.

STA attempt to be among the most competitive training providers in terms of price but we do not shave the quality. We are happy to negotiate with employers to ensure that confidence in the final result is maintained and assured.

STA will conduct an initial assessment of the apprentice and design a comprehensive training programme that engages the apprentice and exposes them to the range of situations they can expect to experience in customer facing roles within your organisation.