The flexible approach to your training needs

From April 18 if you are a Levy payer – you can transfer 10% of your funds to your supply chain to help them upskill their workers!


From April 2018 employers who pay the apprenticeship levy will be able to transfer apprenticeship funds to other organisations to pay for their apprenticeship training and assessment. They will be able to transfer up to a maximum of 10% of their annual funds, which will be calculated from the total amount of levy declared during the previous tax year.

Transfers are being brought in as a flexibility in the system in response to employer demand and should lead to the creation of more apprenticeship starts, allowing larger employers to spend some of their funding to help upskill the workforce of another employer, perhaps in their supply chain.

Levy-paying employers will be able to transfer funds to any employer and will have to agree the apprenticeships that are being funded by a transfer with the employer receiving the funds. Employers receiving transferred funds will only be able to use them to pay for training and assessment for apprenticeship standards and the transfer must cover the cost in full.

For more information go to the transferring apprenticeship service funds page on GOV.UK.

Source: ESFA March update